Industrial Networking
and Matchmaking

Connecting and empowering entrepreneurs, investors, and small/large enterprises. Expanding possibilities through exploring innovative pathways and strategic solutions for Canadian economic growth and JV opportunities. .

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and Awareness

CICO aims to help facilitate an increased FDI (foreign direct investment) by developing tailored marketing strategies and awareness campaigns to map opportunities to industry, industry knowledge sharing, promoting local workforce talent, and showcasing the strategic economic advantages of Canadian investment opportunities internationally.

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and Development

One of the prime focuses of CICO is identifying and creating pathways for promoting local labor training and development opportunities that encourage diversified economic growth in the local community

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Our Projects

CICO has a number of successful consultant projects already completed and is always on the lookout to explore new opportunities by promoting partnerships and JV projects that will spur growth in local economic sectors. We focus on out-of -the box ideas that we believe will bring economic benefit to the Canadian economy through industry cross-sector diversification.

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