About Canadian Innovation Clusters Organization

CICO was established in 2017 with the aim to create a privately owned sounding board organisation that identifies opportunities and novel solutions for investors, private and public companies, and both federal and provincial governments. Brainstorming innovative ideas into industry clusters across a range of projects to spur innovation, attract investment, and increase productivity and diversification in the Canadian economy.

CICO provides creative business inputs to complex issues that promote pathways for bridging between domestic and international business partners. We are dedicated to promoting an inflow of FDI to Canada by promoting North American development projects, and supporting local talent in global markets.

At CICO, we provide inputs and creativity for strategic planning, design and development of projects, joint ventures, acquisition and investment opportunities for Canadian companies, private & public stakeholders to find the most appropriate avenues to develop their business and growth potential.

Key CICO Target Sectors:

  • Clean Energy and Recycling
  • Sustainable Technology
  • Agricultural Business
  • International Trade and Investment
  • Real Estate Development and Revitalization


CICO’s core mission is to identify, promote, nurture and develop innovative projects by create opportunities for industry diversification, business growth, expansion of Canadian market spaces, and attract investments into Canada


Our vision at CICO is to proactively build pathways for innovative startups and sustainable growth for SMEs in Canada.


  • Connect academia, industry partners and investors on emerging markets and flesh out ideas for new businesses.
  • Provide input pathways and resources for innovation joint ventures, acquisitions, and capitalization’s
  • Develop and launch marketing and strategic programs for local economic growth development
  • Attract international opportunities to Canada to retain high FDI inflows

Our Goals

CICO’s goals are to encourage innovation, stimulate sustainable growth, attract new investment. We work at our best to empower talented individuals, share knowledge and opportunities among our networks to create a more dynamic and prosperous Canada.



Mohammed Farooq

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Farooq is the Co-founder and CEO of the Canadian Innovation Clusters Organization (CICO). He has more that 15 years experience in corporate structuring and strategic planning, bringing hands-on operational and executive experience to the organization.

With an exceptional combination of senior management and academic credentials, Mohammed possesses the rare skill set essential for the startup and sustainability of the organization along with maintaining a competitive edge.

He is responsible for the management and expansion of CICO’s network and provides the direction that yields sustainable operations and growth. Mohammed leads the CICO team, oversees financial and business structures, and ensures resources are available to meet present and future objectives.

Mohammed’s impressive career path includes both M&A and divestiture transactions of approximately CDN $250 million and higher. He has represented private companies, shareholders, and family trusts. A highly respected professional in his field, Mohammed’s transactional exposure is extensive, including commercial transactions with key industry players in the energy and pipelines sector.

Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Wales, Wales, U.K.

Stuart Ackland

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart Ackland a Co-Founder and COO of the Canadian Innovation Clusters Organization ("CICO"). He has over 15 years experience across a diverse spectrum of business within international trade, marine surveying & inspection, military, logistics & shipping, oil & gas, and mining operations for primary and secondary resource commodities.

Stuart has exceptional creative skill sets complemented by a diverse industry background that allows him to provide strategic planning, management, research and design functions to. He is responsible for the management and expansion of CICO’s network and holds an excellent track record in providing innovative out-of-box solutions to complex industry problems.

Stuart has held executive advisory roles to asset management group companies for a range of industrial real-estate, waste disposal services, and property redevelopment. Prior to moving to Canada in 2016, Stuart held senior management roles in various companies within Australia, negotiating and managing marine surveying, inspection, testing and auditing service requirements for bulk commodity import/export shipments across various primary industry sectors, ranging in shipment values from from $100k to upwards of $1.9B annually. ​Stuart has a BA from the University of Western Australia and Post grad cert in OHSM from Curtin University of Technology